Etosha Safari Camp

Welcome to our little travel blog!

Why this blog was created and what is offered in the blog?

We simply love to travel – whether near or far.
Who can still remember the trip 5 years ago?
How much did the bus ticket cost then?
What was the name of the hotel again?
There is a lot to remember!
In words and pictures.

Among the bloggers we are a real rarity as 60+ and 70+ bloggers
-> Oldies! Let’s go!

In order to record our observations, impressions, adventures and experiences from our trips to far and near countries, cities and metropolises we decided to document this in a blog instead of on paper. Primarily for us, our family environment and our close and extended circle of friends.

Of course you are also welcome to browse our blog and be inspired by our descriptions. You are welcome to send us suggestions or comments under Contributions. Just write, or just ask if you have any questions.

The texts in the contributions are from our own “pen” with excerpts from Wikipedia.
Since the beginning of 2024, some articles have been created with the support of AI tools. Labelling in the text.

The start date for this blog was February 28, 2018.

Older Google blogs as well as other contributions from our pen on the Internet are linked in the new appearance and partly integrated into this blog.

Have fun viewing and browsing!