Los Angeles Redondo Beach, May 2015

Our trips took us to the USA, Canada, Cuba, Peru and Brazil, Copacabana included.

America is a double continent of the earth, consisting of North America (including Central America) and South America, but often divided into North, Central and South America.

America stretches 15,000 kilometres along its north-south axis from the 84th parallel north (Cape Morris Jesup) to the 56th parallel south (Cape Horn). The most westerly point in North America lies at the 172nd longitude east on the Aleutian island of Attu. The double continent has a land area of about 43 million km² and is thus somewhat smaller than Asia.

In America live more than 980 million people. A large part of America’s population is made up of immigrants, which is why the countries are called immigration countries. The largest single countries on the continent are Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. These countries are also home to the largest metropolitan areas in America: New York City, São Paulo and Mexico City. [Wikipedia]

Our travel reports from destinations in America