New York

Twice the journey took us to New York – in 2005 and 2007.

An impressive metropolis.


New York is the world city located on the east coast of the United States in the state of New York and is the largest city in the United States with more than eight million inhabitants. To distinguish it from the state of the same name, it is called New York City or NYC for short.

The arrival

New York City Oktober 2005

By plane – We booked both flights with Lufthansa directly over the Internet. They were the most attractive flights of the outward and return flight times and on top of that quite cheap. Other airlines had a comparable offer.

In October 2005 we paid 360€. We checked in at the HbF in Stuttgart. From Stuttgart we took the ICE to Frankfurt and with an Airbus to New York to JFK Airport. Departure in Frankfurt approx. 14:00 clock. Arrival JFK approx. 16:00 o’clock.
The return flight left at 21:00 hrs and reached Frankfurt at 9:00 hrs the next morning. Local time of course. With the ICE we reached Stuttgart.

In February 2007 we paid 390€, again Lufthansa. This time we went from Stuttgart to Munich and from Munich to JK-Airport in New York. On the return flight we landed in Frankfurt and continued by ICE to Stuttgart Mainstation.

Our impression

New York City February/March 2007

Gigantomia and much more – a city could hardly be more different. Gigantomie characterized by countless skyscrapers, every car with at least eight cylinders and five liters of displacement. Hectic wherever you look, even the breakfast coffee is drunk in the run, everything “almost” flat and then a Central Park in the middle of the heart of Manhattan with oases of peace and serenity.

You have to see the city. A visit to the city of New York is worthwhile in every respect – for young and old, there is something for everyone. Especially for the interculturally interested, the district of Manhattan offers a lot of interesting things – like the areas around Chinatown, Soho or Little Italy, which should definitely be on the visitor list. Or a visit to one of the more than 40 musicals around Times Square – we enjoyed Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre.

Those who want to visit a museum have the choice of countless museums. We found the MoMA (museum of modern art) or the Guggenheim Museum interesting.


New York City October 2005

Marriot Marquise – There are countless hotels in NYC, especially in Manhattan around Times Square. We found our stay in 2005 in the Marrit Marquise, in the middle of Times Square, very impressive. Our room was on the 36th floor, with a beautiful view of Duffy Square (north of Times Square). Transportation to the rooms was by one of the 16 elevators. The rooms are very well equipped, great view included. And the price?! 180 € per person and night in the off-season (October 2005) without breakfast of course – you don’t treat yourself to anything else.

In 2007 we treated ourselves to the Milfort Plaza, located on 8th Avenue about 5 minutes walk to Times Square. The hotel offered everything a two star hotel has to offer. Small room, hardly any storage space for suitcases and clothes. The bathroom was hardly bigger than the bathtub with toilet and washbasin. Falling over was not possible. The view from the window landed in the backyard, sun was taboo. Loud noises from the neighbour rooms accompanied us the whole night. The price unbeatable 75€ per person and night in the pre-season at the end of February.

New York in Bildern

Eindrücke von New York – Februar 2007

New York Februar 2007, Rockefeller Center, Flat Iron, 34th Street, Chrysler Building, Battery, Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Peer A, …

Even more pictures

Impressions of New York – October 2005

New York in October 2005 – View from hotel room to Duffy Square, view from ESB, Pier 16, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklin, Times Square

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