On the road in the “Ländle” – Lake Constance

May started with a sunny day – and we started with a trip to the Lake Constance.
Early in the morning we made our way to the train to take the BaWü ticket to Lake Constance. The train ride to Konstanz via Singen took us through enchanting scenery, and on the last stretch from Singen, we passed the lake. This with blue sky and bright sunshine. The fact that it was a bit hazy and we could hardly see the Swiss mountains in the background of Lake Constance did not dampen our spirits.
Arriving in Constance we went directly to the harbour to take the boat to Meersburg.


Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance with approximately 84,000 inhabitants and is located on Lake Constance, at the outflow of the Rhine from the upper part of the lake directly on the border with Switzerland (Canton Thurgau).

In Meersburg we took a break – on a bench directly at the lake – and enjoyed the vesper we had brought with us. Afterwards we decided to take a walk along the lake, direction Hagnau. Back in Meersburg at the harbour, we decided to take another boat trip across the lake to Überlingen. Therefore we only had time for the lower town in Meersberg (we will catch up with the upper town and castle).


Meersburg is located in Baden-Württemberg on the northern shore of Lake Constance, at the transition from the Obersee to the Überlinger See at an altitude of 400 to 500 metres. There is an altitude difference of 40 metres between the lower and upper town alone. Meersburg has about 5,800 inhabitants.

The Lake Constance ship first moored on Mainau Island, the next stop was Unteruhldingen. From the ship we had a special view of the pile dwellings. After a stop in Dingelsdorf we headed for Überlingen. Überlingen – a pretty little town directly on the lake – invited us for a stroll. Unfortunately the time passed much too fast, we had to make our way back.
In Überlingen we took the train to Singen. There we had a short stay, so we could “sip” a small ice cream.


Überlingen is a town on the northern shore of Lake Constance on the Überlinger See. It is the second largest city in the Lake Constance district after Friedrichshafen with approx. 22,000 inhabitants.


It was a beautiful day. Lake Constance is always worth a trip. We will go there again. The BaWü-Ticket is a good thing, which allows inexpensive and relaxed travelling.