On the road beyond the “Ländle” – Bregenz, Pfänder

“1000 places to see before you die” – This book – a gift from our children – inspired us in sunny and mild weather to take a trip with the BaWü-Ticket to Lake Constance.

Already at 7:40 am we started with the S-Bahn in Tamm. In Stuttgart we changed to the regional express in the direction of Lindau. Only in Aulendorf we had a change of train. From Lindau we took the ÖBB to Bregenz. Arrived in Bregenz we walked directly to the valley station of the Pfänderbahn.


Bregenz is the capital of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg and the district capital of the Bregenz district. The city has the most important Austrian port on Lake Constance, is a railway junction and a sports and cultural centre. Bregenz is with approx. 30000 inhabitants the third largest city in Vorarlberg after Dornbirn and Feldkirch.

The Bregenz Festival, which takes place every year in July and August, is particularly well known for its performances on the world’s largest lake stage.


The 1062 m high Pfänder belongs to the Allgäu Alps and is located at the eastern end of Lake Constance. It is considered the “local mountain” of Bregenz, but is largely located in the municipal area of Lochau. With its unique view of Lake Constance and 240 Alpine peaks, it is the most famous vantage point in the region.

Pfänder – the mountain at Lake Constance – was our goal. Despite many passengers, there was no waiting time and the gondola brought us up the mountain in a short time. At the top we were offered a wonderful panorama. On the one hand the wonderful view of the snow-covered peaks of Austria, on the other hand the Swiss mountains south of Lake Constance. And of course a very nice view of the lake. On a bench we found a free place. From there we could enjoy the view of Lake Constance and our brought Vesper.

Strengthened, we started a circular hiking trail, including small and large snow fields.
We decided to go down to the city by train. The footpath took much more time and we still wanted to go to the lake. The Bregenz lake stage was our destination. We reached it after a walk on the lake promenade. The stage set for the performance of Rigoletto this summer is currently under construction. We lingered in the audience seats and then resumed our walk along the lake.

Of course we also had a coffee thirst. Back in the city we had a coffee break in a street café in the pedestrian zone of Bregenz.
The afternoon was already quite advanced, so that we could only do a short city walk to the Kornmarkt and the beautiful, historical city hall.

The train brought us back to Lindau. In Lindau we had a good half hour stop before the train left for Stuttgart. We used this time for a walk around the harbour. In the wonderful evening light, the lake and mountains fascinated us, as did the view of Lindau and the harbour entrance with the famous lion and the lighthouse.

A crowning conclusion of a wonderful day.